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Uber Promo Code and Overview

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There are users in 120 cities spread over 37 countries who are using an app to hail a car to be transported to some destination. The service was begun in San Francisco in 2010. During rush hour, it is much easier to push a button on a smartphone to summon a driver than trying to hail a taxi. The app is very popular, because the car service and passenger are connected in minutes.

Uber Services

There are five services offered by Uber. They range from livery hire to transportation in pricey vehicles. The fare for each service is charged to the user’s credit card. Uber’s closest driver is sent to the location by means of the phone’s GPS. The cheapest option is using a smartphone to hire a livery driver. A yellow cab can be e-hailed with Uber Taxi service. Private cars can be hired using Uber Black. Uber SUV seats as many as six people. The priciest cars featured are used with the Uber Lux service.

A constant state of change exists in today’s world. That includes the way people obtain taxi or livery service. Uber is a company that is part of the evolution. The seamless connection between riders and drivers made possible with the use of a phone app makes cities more accessible. Possibilities open for riders and business increases for drivers.

When requesting a ride from Uber, no dispatcher is called or cab hailed from the street. Pushing a button requests a ride. Driver progress is tracked to the user’s location. When the driver arrives, a notification is sent to the user who waited comfortably indoors.

Drivers are not tipped for their services. They input a metered fare into the driver application. A 20 percent default amount is added as a gratuity. The percentage can be changed by signing in and clicking “Payment” at the top of the link.

To use the app, participants must be at least 18 years of age. As a precautionary measure, anyone under 18 has to have an adult companion. Rides for others can be requested. There is a restriction of one ride per request. A trip must be completed before making another request. If the person is with the user, the driver should be informed of the request being made for someone else. A pickup, from a location other than that of the user, entails a call to the driver after the request has been accepted. The driver should be informed that the user is not the passenger. The friend should be given the phone number, name, and license plate number of the driver to confirm the location and the driver’s identity.

Uber operates everyday around the clock. To access a nearby driver, one needs only to open the app. No reservations are required. Uber delivers people to the airport. It is recommended to check the estimated time of arrival on the app 10-15 minutes ahead of the desired time. It should be reiterated that calling 10-15 ahead of airport delivery is prudent.

Uber Signup

Visit the Uber website at The name of the user, the mobile country and number, e-mail address, password, language preference, and credit card information are requested. Before submitting a request for service, terms and conditions should be read. After checking the “SIGN UP” button, the account is created. Users receive an e-mail confirmation of the account creation. At that point, the Uber service is at the user’s fingertips.

The Google Play Store, the Blackberry App World, and the Apple App Store all have free access to the Uber app. The installation and opening of the app take place on the user’s device. The user must sign in with the password and username chosen at the time of registration when first using the app.

To request a ride, choose one of the vehicle services offered by Uber. The user’s location is marked with a pin that represents the expected pickup location. The pickup location can also be typed in manually. Tapping the “Set Pickup Location” button is done after the location is set. A request for confirmation will appear on the screen. A choice of payment with credit on the Uber account is part of a default process.

An estimated wait time will be given. In the event a car is unavailable, waiting a few minutes and trying again may find an available driver who has completed an assignment. Users are given the driver’s phone number in case special considerations need to be taken into account. Cancellation after five minutes will result in a $10 fee. The amount of business, time, and the city determines the average pickup time.

Rates are based on a combination of distance and time. Each location has a base rate. Travel under 11 mph is charged by the minute. If travel exceeds 11 mph, the charges are based on mileage. All payments, including gratuities are automatically handled by Uber services. Billing is processed on the credit card on file.

If one loses access to an app, a car can be requested by texting the pickup address and city to UBR222 or through Uber’s mobile site. Uber operates in 16 US cities, Washington, D.C., and 22 foreign countries. A list of cities offering the services can be found at

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