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Top 5 reasons to use a ride sharing service

When people consider a ride sharing service they often have mixed emotions about the experience and are not sure what to expect. Some folks may shy away from transportation services because they are afraid they will be late to work or appointments while others do not want the burden of interacting with others. Despite the potentially unknown factors of using a ride sharing service like Lyft or Uber, there are several great reasons for people to utilize this unique and convenient transportation option. To help get the ball rolling, this list includes five of the best reasons to try a ride sharing service.

Lyft Ride Sharing Service Customers


1. Cost Savings
The most obvious reason to utilize a ride sharing service like Lyft or Uber is the significant cost savings that can realized. When multiple riders share in a transportation program, the fuel costs and other transportation expenses such as tolls, parking, and even insurance are basically spread out across all riders.

2. New Acquaintances
Social personalities love meeting new people and a ride sharing service certainly provides ample opportunity to make new acquaintances and network with a number of different professionals from multiple industries. It is even possible and perhaps likely that a love connection could be made from those who consistently use a ride sharing service.

3. Global Awareness
Reducing the amount of cars on the road helps eliminate grid lock and rush hour traffic jams, which in turn could reduce the daily commute time for all drivers. Another benefit of a ride sharing service is that the overall carbon footprint and harmful pollutants caused by vehicle emissions are drastically reduced throughout the city.

4. Dependable Service
When people have integrity around their time and also respect the time of others they want to ensure that they arrive on time. Lyft, Uber, and other ride sharing services are a great way to arrive on time to work, school, and important appointments. Customers have the option to reserve a specific time or call the same day they need transportation service.

5. Relaxation Time
Not everyone wants to spend their daily commute carrying on a conversation with others. Perhaps they prefer to take naps, perform last minute grooming rituals, or enjoying the morning newspaper. A ride sharing service gives people the option to relax and enjoy the ride instead of worrying about driving everyday.

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