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Sidecar Promo Code and Overview

With the rising costs of fuel and vehicle maintenance, more people are relying on public transportation or ride sharing. Public transportation is not always reliable, and arranging ride sharing for varying locations can be nearly impossible sometimes. Alternative car service or ride sharing is less expensive than hiring a taxi and easier than dealing with finding ride shares independently in newspapers or online publications. Since newspapers and online ad sites do not screen or verify ad posters, relying on newspaper ads and other online ads for rides can be dangerous. There are a few companies out there providing legitimate and screened alternative ride services, but one that is commonly overlooked is Sidecar. This company is truly a gem in its features and services.

How Does Sidecar Work?
Sidecar is somewhat different than its competitors. While some competitors work more with professional drivers and taxis for higher rates, Sidecar focuses on hiring regular but responsible drivers who want to earn extra money. Rides are paid for in flat fees. People who want to use the service create an account and can easily schedule rides or perform searches through the company’s mobile app. The app is available with iOS and Android.

Why Pick Sidecar?
The main reason people pick Sidecar is to save money. Drivers are still screened so the company works with safe individuals. Background checks are performed, and vehicles must meet a certain set of safety criteria. One major advantage of choosing Sidecar is that the flat rates do not rise when the demand is high. With some competitors, ride fees are higher when the demand is higher. For a person budgeting funds for rides at certain times, this could make it necessary to go over budget or not be able to ride if one day is especially busy. With Sidecar, riders can rest assured there are no surprises.

Where Is Sidecar Available?
Unfortunately, Sidecar is not available in smaller cities. It exists in most metro areas and is expected to grow in even more cities in the near future. Sidecar is available in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Charlotte, Seattle, Chicago and Washington D.C. People who are in other large cities should check frequently to see if Sidecar is coming to their area. In some cities, there are laws regarding ride sharing programs and apps, so Sidecar may be slower to appear in some cities.

New Developments With Sidecar
Sidecar recently announced that it received funds from Union Square Ventures. They invested this in improving their mobile app to be even more user friendly and efficient. With the new app, riders are able to see a list of drivers who can help them get from their location to destination. They are able to pick the driver they want to ride with from that list if there are multiple results. In the event of an unavoidable crash, Sidecar drivers are insured under the company’s generous $1 million policy.

Rides are paid for through the app and a stored card, so the transactions are cashless and free of hassles. Using Sidecar is as easy as downloading the free app, creating an account and using the app to quickly line up rides as needed. Sidecar’s site can be found at Users who have questions also have access to live support. People who plan on using the service frequently should bookmark the page and the company’s blog to keep up with current developments and promotions.

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