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Get a free lyft credit for Pittsburgh PA

The Lyft Rideshare program and application have reached Pittsburgh, PA and is now giving commuters a whole new option for getting around.

As one of the newer options for transportation, Lyft does not quite fit into other models, but is something entirely unique. If you rely on public transportation, taxis and rentals to get around, Lyft can offer you an entirely new, and easy option.

The rideshare program is app based and connects Lyft drivers with riders that want to get from point to point within the city of Pittsburgh. You don’t hail a driver like you would a taxi, but download the app and then register for an account. Account setup is as easy as filling in some basic personal information and then providing a form of payment that the app can use to collect payment for each ride.

When you find yourself in need of a ride, open the app and find a driver. Drivers are generally all over the city and can meet you at your destination within minutes. The company makes your car and driver easy to recognize with quirky car embellishments. As soon as you’ve reached your destination both driver and rider complete the service run and your card on file is billed.

Using a Lyft driver is safe because all drivers go through a verification process. This also means that you always get a local that knows the town and can summon a driver in less serviced parts of town where taxis are not easy to find. In almost all cases, the service is more cost effective than renting a car or hiring a driver for the day in Pittsburgh.

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