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Lyft Seattle – Get a Free Ride Credit

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Lyft is a great new application that is really taking Seattle transportation to the next level.

In a city like Seattle, transportation is necessary for a productive life. Where as in the past transportation was only available through public transportation, personal vehicles, or taxis, Lyft is really changing this. Lyft is an app that brings drivers and riders together. The app is based around appointments that are set up from passengers that need a ride to a specific location. Drivers who are paid through this service pick up these assignments and take passengers where they need to go.

In Seattle this is a great thing. Many individuals feel as though they do not need a car in this pedestrian friendly city. However, there are circumstances where a ride might be needed. The Lyft app is great in Seattle, where taxi cabs aren’t as readily available as they might be in cities like Los Angles or New York.

The Lyft app brings friendly drivers in nice cars to passengers who need a lift. The passenger can be picked up from work, a concert, their home, or a friend’s house. This new app is really great for those who live in the Seattle area.

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