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Lyft Ride Credit Code in Memphis – Get a Free Ride!

MEMPHIS USE LYFT PROMO CODE “RHpromo” for a free $25 dollar LYFT Credit throughout MEMPHIS!

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Use the Lyft promo code for a free ride in Memphis!

Lyft has arrived in Memphis and is making life easier for thousands of folks who needs a lift somewhere and providing quite a few job opportunities as well.

Are you tired of paying for an over priced cab when your car is in the shop? Now you don’t have to. It looks like the days of starring at the meter while the driver snails his way through the streets are finally over!

The premise behind Lyft is simple, and that’s why we’re so excite you can now use LYFT in Memphis! It is your friend with a car. Users simply install the Lyft app on their smartphone device and hit the pick up bottom when they are ready for a ride. Unlike some cab companies, Lyft is available 24/7. The drivers are people from your own local community. College students, florists and stay at home moms who need a little extra income all make up the Lyft team. All drivers are screened and rated so you know that they are safe to drive with. When catching a ride with Lyft you are also sure to enter a vehicle that has had a thorough security inspection.

Don’t have cash on you? No need to worry. Payment for Lyft is done entirely through the app. Paying for your ride is loosely based on donations which means you control the rate to a certain extent. It is against Lyft’s policy to involve any cash in the transactions, even for tipping, but you can add a tip through the app any time after you reach your destination if you wish.

So what are you waiting for? Simply download the app and you will have a friend ready to give you a ride through Memphis.


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