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Lyft Promo for Code Austin – Free Ride Credit

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Lyft is the Perfect fit for Austin – Get a Free Ride Credit with Promo Code

With car sharing growing around the country (and the world) it is clear that cities like Austin (with a young and progressive population) can benefit from the expansion of Lyft into the Texas capital. Lyft is easy to use in Austin. You simply download the app for iOS or Android and enter your basic information. When you are ready, simply tap the app and a friendly, local driver, who has gone through a background check, will be dispatched to your location. You can track their progress as they approach you, and even see pictures of the driver and their car, so you know that you are getting picked up by the right person. Of course, the pink mustaches on the front of every car make them easy to spot as well. Maybe best of all, the final step in getting your Lyft is that you don’t have to worry about carrying cash and figuring out tips. When you arrive at your destination, your ride is simply charged to your credit card on file and you don’t have to do anything besides hop out. Austin is a particularly good fit for Lyft because many of its residents are very supportive of community-based organizations, and not only that, but they are very eco-friendly and often choose to not own a car at all. With most Lyft rides costing less than a normal cab ride, the app-based service makes economic sense for Austin residents.

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