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If you live in a major metropolitan area, chances are that you have seen a car driving around the city with a pink mustache on the front. If you are a little confused as to why someone would choose to outfit there car in such a way, that is understandable. Lyft transportation seeks to separate themselves from the competition by providing an experience unlike any other. After reading this article, you will never have another question about that pink mustache.

What is Lyft?

Lyft is a transportation network company that was formed in San Francisco during the summer of 2012 by Logan Green and John Zimmer. Passengers use a rideshare mobile phone application to request rides from one of the background checked drivers, who then pick you up and take you wherever you need to go. There is no fare to pay like you would in a traditional taxi, but drivers do receive “donations” from their passengers. Lyft estimates that their services are about 30% cheaper than if someone were to call a taxi for the same ride.

The principles behind Lyft are what guide their policies and appeal to their demographic. Their goal is to help travelers save money, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and help bring communities together by facilitating long lasting relationships. With operations in 60 different U.S. cities, Lyft has expanded quickly over the past couple of years.

Some of the major cities that are included in Lyft’s services are:

San Francisco
Los Angeles
San Diego
Washington D.C.
Minneapolis/ St. Paul
St. Louis

A Map of where LYFT is available to use free ride codes. Remember that our Lyft Promo Codes work in every market!

Lyft is continuing to expand their operation, and they will likely continue to offer rides in more cities both domestically and internationally.

How Lyft Works

Since Lyft was branched off of Zimride, which used Facebook Connect to connect passengers and drivers, Lyft also uses to same feature to help build trust between both parties. Both passengers and drivers are required to sign up with the service through their Facebook account, and then drivers and passengers rate each other on a five-star scale after each ride to establish reputations throughout the network.

Once you download the Lyft app onto your phone, the process of securing a ride is quite simple. It can be done in five easy steps:

1.) Tap the big green button to request a pickup. You’ll get matched with a friendly, background-checked driver within minutes.
2.) Track your driver’s route and ETA in the app. You’ll also see a photo of your driver and their car, so you always know who you’re riding with. You will also see the trademark pink mustache on the cars.
3.) Hop into the front seat, and greet your driver with a friendly smile or a fist bump.
4.) When the ride ends, you can securely make a payment to the driver with the credit card you have saved to the app. No cash is necessary.
5.) Rate your driver. If you rate a driver less than three stars, you will never be matched with that driver again.

If you are looking for a friendly and cheaper alternative to the local taxi services, Lyft is certainly a viable option to get you where you need to be going. Their business is grounded in community based ideals, which makes for a generally more positive experience than the larger taxi services. If Lyft is available in your city, give it a try next time you’re out on the town to see if it’s something you would be interested in using.

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