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Lyft Promo Code for Santa Barbara – Free Ride Credit

Santa Barbara USE LYFT PROMO CODE “RHpromo” for a free $25 dollar LYFT Credit throughout Santa barbara!

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Lyft Santa Barbara Promo Code for Free Ride

About Lyft Ridesharing in Santa Barbara + Promo Code for Free Ride Credit

Lyft Rideshare is a great resource that serves the Santa Barbara area. This alternative is much cheaper than a cab service. This service is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can use the user friendly app to find rides at any time of day. You can travel around town for less, and you can pay using the app. This means that you do not have to worry about having enough cash on you. It is easy to request a ride. The easy to find green button on the app allows you to immediately send your request. All the drivers must undergo a thorough background check, so you can rest assure that your trip is safe and that the driver is reputable. You can track your driver and the estimated time of travel in the app as well. A photo lets you see your driver and car before pick up. Look for the car with the pink mustache!

The cost per mile for the Santa Barbara area is $1.62 and the cost per minute is $0.23. There is a base charge of $1.80 and $1.00 trust fee. This service is much cheaper than a cab alternative. Also the app, makes it easy to request a ride at any time. Lyft serves the Santa Barbara area from Goleta to Carpinteria.

So go ahead, give Lyft a try! As long as you do not have an aversion to pink mustaches there’s no reason to not explore this cab alternative.

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