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Lyft Promo Code for Boston – Get a Free Ride Credit

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Get a free Lyft Promo code for a ride credit, and learn about Lyft Ridesharing in Boston

Lyft Boston Promo Code for Free Ride Credit

Have you ever been stranded somewhere in Boston and needed a ride? Sure, the bus is always an option, but you have to follow a set schedule and ride with a bunch of people that you don’t know. Your alternative is to use the Lyft Ridesharing program, now open in Boston!

What is Lyft?

Lyft is a program that was designed to connect drivers with people that need a ride. It all works through an app that both the driver and rider have. The rider will request a ride, and the driver can offer to come and pick them up based off their location and the time that the ride is needed.

How It Works

To request a LYFT driver in Boston, there is a simple step by step process that you can follow. These guidelines will take you through the entire process, from pickup to payment.

Step 1: Request

When you need a ride, open the app and put in your information using a click of the green button. This will send out an alert to nearby drivers that can pick you up.

Step 2: Tracking

Track your driver’s progress using the app so you can see how close they are. You’ll also get a picture of their vehicle and person so you can distinguish what they look like when they get there.

Step 3: Friendliness

Every driver is background checked and gets good satisfaction ratings from riders, so be friendly and enjoy the ride.

Step 4: Payment

You never need cash. The app uses your credit card information to make the payment for you!

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