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Lyft Promo Code Charlotte, NC – Free Ride Credit

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About Lyft Ridesharing in Charlotte, NC – and get a free ride credit with promo code!

There is a new service sweeping across Charlotte, called Lyft. Lyft is a very successful car service company that is opening up the way for jobs and offers seniors a way in which to make some extra income. Lyfe has become a win-win situation.

Lyft has new offices in Charlotte, NC and is so successful that it has competitors worried, such as taxi companies.

Lyft has opened up new jobs to the unemployed. Lyft does a background check on all potential employees. Employees use their own vehicles, so all vehicles must pass a vehicle inspection. In addition to this issue, the Lyft Company provides one million dollar liability insurance.

All Lyft cars will carry a pink mustache. Once the public knows this brand, populace drivers on the road can rate the Lyft driver. This program is set in place so that passengers can also rate their Lyft driver.

The light is excellent for the fact that it is affordable and a homespun way to get around town. Taxis cannot beat the Lyft prices set at a base price of $1.31, $. 27 per minute, $1.31 per mile and a minimum of $5.00. Anyone would agree this price cannot be beat. There is a $5.00 cancellation fee and a $1.00 trust and safety fee. Even with this, the result is a whole heap cheaper than a cab fare.

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