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As of July 2014 Lyft is now in New York City New York!

Need a ride, New Yorkers? It never got easier than now. A Lyft car will be along shortly after you call one on your phone. A community driver will pick you up and take you where you want to go. No cash needed, unless you want to tip your driver. Lyft’s slogan is “your friend with a car”. Here’s how it works. Download the Lyft app into your iPhone or Android-based phone and sign in through Facebook Connect, giving your phone number and credit card. When you open the app, you will see a display showing you the nearest Lyft drivers. After you make your request, the app find your location, show you your driver’s name, a photo of the driver and the car, as well as an estimated time of arrival. You’ll also be able to recognize the car when it arrives, as all Lyft cars have a large, pink mustache on the front. Just get in the front seat, give the driver a fistbump and you’re off. At the end of the ride, your payment is automatically charged to your credit card. This charge is generally half the price of a taxi ride. You will be given the opportunity to rate your driver and the driver will also rate you. On a scale of 1 to 5, if you don’t rate your driver a 4 or a 5, you will never be matched to this driver again. Getting a Lyft in NEW YORK CITY couldn’t be easier, especially with a FREE LYFT CREDIT!


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