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Lyft In Sacramento – Get a free Lyft Credit

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Get a free Lyft credit in Sacramento California!

Lyft in Sacramento, CA is a new ride share program that is gaining a lot of national attention. People are fed up with the sky rocketing taxi cost and bad taxi driver’s that rarely show up at the appointed time. However, there is a new alternative to the bumpy taxi ride. That new alternative is Lyft.

Joining the Lyft community is one way to share rides with others in the community. Most of the drivers in the program are your neighbors or friends that live in the local area. They are a pleasant and very friendly group. All are guaranteed safe drivers. The Lyft vehicle is easy to recognize. All vehicles in the program sport a fuzzy pink mustache on the front bumper. Rides are available around the clock and seven days a week.

Do you need a Lyft in Sacramento, CA?

Well, get started by downloading the Lyft Rideshare application to your mobile device. Once the app is installed, you are able to start requesting a ride. Here is how the app works. You tap a button to request a ride. The app finds your location. A nearby Lyft driver is contacted and sent your request. The driver navigates their vehicle to your location. Hop in the vehicle and you are on your way. Lyft is the safe and easy way to get a ride around town at a moments notice. Don’t worry about carrying cash. All payments are handled through the app. Your safety is guaranteed, because all drivers are screened and checked.

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