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Lyft Honolulu Promo Code – Get a Free Ride

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Lyft is an application that is something like a cross between a cheap taxi and hitching a ride with a friend. Lyft rides typically cost about 30% less than a taxi and are usually a more personable, human, friendly experience. In a place as expensive as Honolulu, the savings alone can be significant.

You can sign up for Lyft using your Facebook account and phone number. This ensures that members of the service are on record with their real name and important contact information. This helps make it a safe, secure experience.

This year, Lyft is adding Lyft Line, a service to arrange ridesharing for your daily commute. It is priced at substantially less than your basic Lyft ride, about 60% less. Ridesharing can be both more economical and better for the environment than driving yourself to work as a single person alone in a passenger car.

Lyft involves a mobile app you can download to your phone and get transportation throughout Honolulu. Thus, it does require a smart phone. But it allows you to avoid carrying cash to access the service.

Lyft is part of a new trend in connecting individuals using technology in order to radically alter the economies of transit. It is designed to be personal transit. It is more organic, more grass roots, and more flexible than alternatives like public transit.

You can become part of a community of people involved in sharing transit with Lyft in Honolulu! Both drivers and riders get rated. Everyone has a say.

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