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Lyft Free Ride Promo Code for Phoenix

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Lyft Phoenix Promo Code

Get a Friendly Ride in Phoenix with Lyft with Promo Code

Are you tired of a few cab companies monopolizing Phoenix and causing poor service? Gone are the days of waiting for hours at a time for a cab. Getting from point A to point B in Phoenix just got a whole lot easier! Lyft ride share has finally arrived to Phoenix and is providing a friendly alternative to taxi cabs around the town.

Lyft is the future of ride sharing. It is built on an app platform and is extremely easy to use. A user simply downloads the app, puts their credit card on file and requests a ride. The app will find your location and tell you your drivers estimated time of arrival.

Lyft has three options. The original works as a taxi cab, taking you to a specific spot one time. Another great option for commuters is the Lyft Line which features shared rides for shared routes, minimizing your cost and providing daily, reliable transportation. Lyft also features Lyft Plus which let’s you ride in luxury in a special built Lyft SUV.

The drivers that work for Lyft are all part of your local community throughout Phoenix. Many have other jobs or are stay at home parents, so you can be sure you will meet a friendly face inside the car cabin. All drivers go through background checks and have their vehicles inspected, so you can feel safe and secure using the app!

If you live in Phoenix, don’t hesitate! Try out the new app today and reach your destination like never before!

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