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Why Lyft Is A Good Thing for Atlanta (especially with  FREE ride credit promo code)

Lyft, the ride-share app transportation service has arrived in Atlanta. While some people oppose Lyft, most people are enthusiastic about the ride-share app transportation service being a choice when they need a ride. Lyft offers many great things to the cities they operate in.

Quick And Easy Ride Requests in Atlanta

People willing to use Lyft as a ride simply download an app on their phones or tablets. When they need a ride they simply open the app and request for a Lyft driver to pick them up. Within minutes, a qualified driver arrives to take the rider to their desired destination. All Lyft drivers undergo background checks and must have a clean driving record. With the app, there is no need to go online to a webpage or find a cab company to call.

No Cash Needed for Rides in Atlanta

Lyft riders pay for their rides using a credit card that they registered when they first download the app. The ride fee is automatically charged, so no cash transaction is never needed. This makes it safer for the drivers as well. Riders do not have to worry about having enough cash on hand to pay the driver. This pay system comes in handy at times when a person needs an unexpected ride and has no cash on them, such as if their car broke down or they had too much alcohol to drink.

Lyft Creates Jobs in Atlanta

Lyft hires many drivers and that creates jobs. Drivers also get to pick their own hours and how long they want to be available as drivers. This is a perfect job for college students, or any one wanting to make extra money.

Lyft is constantly adding more cities to it’s service area and seems to be the way to go when needing a ride.

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