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If someone in Indianapolis hasn’t heard of Lyft, their motto of “your friend with a car” might seem a bit confusing. However, Indianapolis is quickly discovering how true that saying actually is.

On a practical level, Lyft is a peer based transportation service. One can sign up as a driver, or use it as a passenger. The basic idea behind it is that one can simply register their availability to transport people somewhere. And a person with the app on their phone can flag them down to request a ride.

What makes lyft such a great fit for Indianapolis is the community spirit behind it. The world is increasingly becoming more closed off. Neighbors become strangers, and strangers become scary. Lyft takes the opposite attitude. It’s centered around the idea of actually getting to know drivers, passengers, and one’s neighborhood as a whole. One can see who their driver is, read people’s reviews of their service, and in general get to know them as a person. This is one of the reasons why it’s so tied in with Facebook. It’s about reclaiming the idea of everyone living in a community and helping each other out.

It also brings back the idea of payment based on satisfaction. There’s no set fee with Lyft. People can determine what they want to pay, and it usually ends up being based in large part on people trying to make the experience as pleasant as possible for each other. And this is why it’s such a great addition to Indianapolis. It’s a chance to remember a time in the past where we all greeted each other with a smile, and where doing a good job was a matter of both pride and an earnest desire to just brighten someone’s day.

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