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Lyft now in Chicago - get a FREE LYFT RIDE

A lyft driver is someone who helps those who need a ride. There are two types of applications. One is for the driver, himself. The other is for the person requesting the ride.

If you want to become a lyft driver, simply fill out the form. Give them all of the requested details and you can become one very soon.


  1. You get to help out someone in need. There are many who live in the Chicago area, who need rides. They can’t go anywhere, because they don’t have the resources to get there. By becoming a driver, you can help that person in need.
  2. The person in need will really be grateful for what you are doing. There are some who have lost their license. There are some who can drive, but don’t have the means to get around. There are many who are not allowed to drive. These people rely on this kindness.

All the person does is fill out a form or give the company a call. They tell them when they need to be picked up and where they have to go. The company does the rest. The send out a car and driver. Simple as that.

If you have an interest in helping our someone in a crisis, like this, please download the application online. You can also talk to one of the support staff, at the company. Chicago is in need of more competent lyft drivers.

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